So Political Candidates claim they will be their own Man? – What rubbish!

I have had my first experience of how shallow that statement is:-

Councillor Martin Hill, long time Conservative leader of Lincolnshire County Council attended the Lincoln “Hustings” for the new Police Commissioner with what seemed to be the sole purpose of attacking David Bowles, his former Chief Executive, and an “Independent” candidate.

Hill completely ignored the statement made by the Chairman that he did not want personal attacks, and launched a totally inappropriate personal attack on David.
I have already heard smears and allegations made by other Conservatives as David Bowles, during his period as chief executive, exposed the corruption of the then leader of the Council Jim Speechley, who was subsequently jailed for 18 months. The Conservatives hounded David Bowles out of his job, and it seems they have never forgiven him.

The attack outraged the audience, and one person stood up to condemn Hill’s action, and was roundly applauded – clearly the audience knew what was going on.

David made it clear that this was not the first time he had had to put up with malicious and false statements by some Conservatives to undermine him, and I looked to the Conservative candidate Councillor Richard Davies, who is a lowly member of Hill’s group on the same County Council, and sat next to David on the platform for a comment.

What did he do? – He shuffled his feet uncomfortably, no doubt inwardly cursing his leader who had metaphorically shot him in the foot, and cost him votes, as most people in the audience knew the true facts.

He said nothing – He had the perfect chance to show he was his own man by having the guts to disassociate himself from Hill’s outburst, but he was not going to upset his leader – an unforgiving man.

If anyone is still looking for a reason why we do not want a politician in charge of our police force, you need look no further. I suggest Councillor Hill’s behaviour as a Leader of a Council provided it in the first place, but Councillor Davies definitely confirmed my own view, and everyone else who wants to keep politics out of this job, that we are right.

Councillor Davies still has time to convince us of his intention to be as free of politics as he says he will, should he win, and I call on him now to distance himself from Hill’s comments – Failing to do so speaks for itself.

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